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About RIPE Mask

Can you provide RIPE manufacturer information?

Ruipu Medical has gathered a large number of high-end r & d backbone,including doctoral supervisors,master supervisors, doctors, as well as young technical talents with practical experience in the development of medical protective equipment products, and formed a 1500 production team to match the ambitious development vision.With a lofty mind and a combination of knowl edge and action, Ruipu Medical has the mission of providing nanoscale protection equipment and promoting the innovative development of protection technology, and provide the public with the most reliable nanoscale protection products with the most protective ability to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases.

What is the protection level and execution standard of the RIPE mask?

The protection level of the mask is FFP2. The implementation standard of KN95 is GB2626-2006, and the implementation standard of N95 is GB19083-2010.

How many layers are there in RIPE masks and what are they?

Both of RIPE KN95 masks and N95 masks are four layers.

1.Spunbonded Non-Woven Protective Layer.

2.Melt-Blown Static Cotton.

3.Nano-Fiber Membrane.

4.Spunbonded Non-Woven Supporting Layer.

Does the RIPE mask fit the face?

Our new KN95 and N95 are specially designed for Europeans and Americans, bigger fit And with black adjustable buckle, they can be worn more comfortably.

Is the RIPE mask single seal

Our new KN95 or N95 is packaged in an independent plastic bag and has a sealing strip after tear off the opening. Our old KN95 is packed in a transparent plastic bag and has a sealing strip without tearing.

Does RIPE have obtained FDA certification? and does RIPE have obtained NIOSH certification?

Yes, our FDA registration code is 3016639299, see at FDA Official Info. and we got the CDC whitelist. and EUA emergency authorization, click to see datails.and it clearly stated that NON-NIOSH,this means we don’t need NIOSH certification

Does RIPE have obtained the EU CE certification?

We have obtained ECM certification, but now ECM is not recognized, so we applied for SGS. At present, we have received a confirmation letter from SGS, which can be imported and exported normally, see image.

What is a nanofiber membrane and what are the advantages compared to general masks?

4 layers protection of Nanofiltration is much safer for out door travel high efficiency protection filter element of nanofiber can be used repeateally 20 times. ≥95% filtration emciency.0.3 micron particles can make respiratory resistance is smaller, protective performance is stronger.

How to repeat use RIPE mask 20 times?

You can use alcohol to sterilize or expose to the sun after washing, the original protective performance will be maintained within 20 times

Is RIPE masks thin?

Yes, it is thinner and more comfortable, with better protection performance.

Is it a medical mask?

RIPE KN95 is civil mask that have reached the medical level. And N95 Is a medical mask.


Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Free shipping on all products from our online store

What exactly happens after ordering?

We will package and ship it to the port within 1 working day.

How long do I have to return an order?

Due to the high cost of returns, we recommend that you purchase with caution and try not to return

Where can I view my sales receipt?

You can enter My account -> Orders to see them.

How long will delivery take?

Due to special circumstances during the epidemic, about 15 days. In the later period, we plan to set up a warehouse overseas, when the order is placed, you can receive the goods within 1-3 working days to further enhance your shopping experience.


How is the recipient reimbursed?

You can see this information on Paypal

Can the country receiving the shipment be different than the country of purchase?

Yes, you can. But you need to make sure the billing address and mailing address are correct

Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

We solemnly promise that you will receive the same product as the picture and the same standard,

How can I return an item?

Please contact our customer service email Orders already shipped cannot be refunded

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

Yes, we will depend on the condition of the goods.